From humble beginnings towards teacher training - here is where we will be sharing our journey with you... Join us, read up, share your thoughts with us and enjoy!

From humble beginnings of partner yoga in the living room to immersions in Buenos Aires, New York and Brisbane, trainings in Melbourne, Canberra and Sydney - we've made our way to the AcroYoga Teacher Training in Corfu, Greece, Summer 2011. As of July 12th, we are certified AcroYoga teachers and part of an amazing worldwide Kula of 180 AcroYoga teachers.

Our journey so far has been simply amazing - surprises, wonders, smiles, but also bruises and hard work, repeated falling and lots and lots of time spent on getting AcroYoga up and going in Sydney - we simply think our diaries are not the right places for all this...

SO this is where we will be sharing what's been happening - stay tuned, read, comment, enjoy, and then fly with us!


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