The people behind Adagio Yoga

                  Stefanie first experienced yoga in the fitness context. Sweating upside down in her first power yoga class at an Aerobics convention, she was hooked. Over the past 5 years, her journey has taken her from Germany to Australia, experiencing a variety of yoga styles and teachers. In her classes, she teaches a fluid style of Vinyasa yoga, blended in elements of Anusara, dance and partner work.She is also a certified Coach and training to be a certified YogaCoach for individual yoga therapy 

"My approach is to see every body as unique: We are all on our journey at our own pace, and I truly believe, that, respecting the current step on that way, yoga can be for everyone. In my classes, I strive to create a loving and safe environment with a healthy balance between workout, fun and relaxation. I believe yogis are ready to take the next step in seeing yoga not only as a way to re-connect to themselves, but also as a wonderful means to connect again with each other."

Steph works with a number of other AcroYoga teachers to present a unique and varied AcroYoga experience:

Jules Ashby (AcroYoga teacher in training) - Body of Light

Bruce Scott (AcroYoga teacher in training, founder of the Mobility Method) - Website

Einat Bardat (AcroYoga teacher Montreal style) - Playtimehealing - Website