Pregnancy Massage Course - learn how to spoil your partner during that special time!

 You are in this super special time where everything is changing - your body, the growing body inside you - and every week is different!

Massage in Pregnancy is a wonderful way to connect with yourself, feel into your body and relax.

With your partner, this can be magical and a wonderful way to bond and share this journey.

But HOW can we do that easily? What techniques can we use? And where can and can't we work in pregnancy anymore? What body positions are comfortable and safe?

This course is designed to help you deepen your connection during pregnancy:

We will share specific techniques that can be practised from the first trimester all the way to due date and beyond. You will learn to support your partner in relaxing into their changing body, easing tired legs, swollen feet and sore lower backs.

We are working with a blend of Shiatsu and Thai Massage techniques. You will be fully clothed and in a comfortable and supported body position.

You will walk away with the knowledge of working comfortably on feet, legs, along the spine and neck.

DATES for 2018 to be released soon!

Presenters: This course is presented by Stefanie Glasenapp from AdagioYoga and Bruce Scott from the Coogee Massage Clinic 

For all enquiries and bookings, contact us on 0410 731 271 or send us an email HERE